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 The Pran Guide

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PostSubject: The Pran Guide   Tue Aug 24, 2010 6:28 am

Different pran works differently. Choose your pran wisely Wink

Water Pran - Def buff. Suitable for Healer, Mage, Tanker
Wind Pran - Mp/Hp and Dodge. Suitable for Gunner.
Fire - Damage buff. Suitable for Mage, Nuker

Water Pran Each Skill Effect:
+ Increase all water skills damage
+ Increase water element resistance
+ Engulf armour with water aura, increase physical and magical defence within a certain amount of time
+ Exchange Daughter's state between fairy or human
+ Increase Max MP
+ Cast a shield that absorbs damage within a certain amount of time
+ Increase resistance against abnormal status

Fire Pran Each Skill Effect:

+ Increase all fire skills damage
+ Increase fire element resistance
+ Engulf armour with fire aura, increase physical and magical attack within a certain amount of time
+ Exchange Daughter's state between fairy or human
+ Increase Max HP
+ Uses wrath that deals damage to attacking enemy within a certain amount of time
+ Increase critical rate

Wind Pran Each Skill Effect:
+ Increase all wind skills damage
+ Increase wind element resistance
+ Engulf armour with wind aura, increase dodging rate within a certain amount of time
+ Exchange Daughter's state between fairy or human
+ Increase Max MP and HP
+ Reduces MP usage of skills within a certain amount of time
+ Increase regeneration rate of HP and MP

Please be aware that your Pran will grow hungry. You can get your pran food at the Pran store or any other merchant store out there. Please be reminded if you were to vend overnight, you can put your pran in the pran waiting station so that you do not have to spend money on the pran food Wink

Do not stave your Pran.
When the Hunger reaches a certain number, Pran will start showing
different action to notify you. When Pran can't stand the hunger
any longer, it will return to the Pran's nurture centre.

When they're in hunger:
- HP and MP no longer regen
- Skills would be unusable
- Returning to nurture centre

Please treat your Pran well and make sure that the Devotion level is high. The higher the devotion % is, the higher chance your Pran will not refuse your request when you want them to cast their skill buff Wink

The answer that you choose for your pran is important too. Different
kind of reply will grow your pran into different kind of personality
pran. You can have a cute pran, a tough one, smart, spunky or a sassy
one. It all depend on how you communicate with her Wink

There's a small little guide on Pran Conversation that I found in the Game Forum

What do you think of me?

*Is of course important that the Ni ah! (+5 Lovely, +5 Intimacy)
*Ah ... never thought that (-10 Intimacy)
*Should only be regarded as pets, right? (+5 Fallen, -10 Intimacy)

Fallen Angels know that the captain is?

*Thomas Han Li-sen (+5 Tough)
*Untranslatable (+5 Wisdom, +5 Intimacy)
*Su-Kai Leya Division (+5 Lively)

The Laiqi Ya Lane who is the most beautiful?

*I am! (+5 Lively, -10 Intimacy)
*Is my good Pran! (+5 Sexy, Intimacy +15)
*Leikenshaen the women (+5 Wisdom)

Leftover half of the banana preservation method

*Rub lemon juice (+5 Wisdom, +5 Lively)
*Rub honey (+5 Lively, +5 Tough)
*Ganma much thought... (+5 Tough, +5 Fallen)

Master, what is your dream?

*To conquer the world! (+5 Tough, -10 Intimacy)
*After the proper money of the general like (+5 Fallen)
*In order to fight for peace Laiqi Ya! (+5 Lovely, +5 Wisdom)

Lai Qiya the arrival of peace, you want to do what?

*Want to be Martha (+5 Wisdom, +5 Tough)
*To the countryside when the farmer ... (+5 Lovely, +5 Lively)
*When the skills to master and guide novices (+5 Wisdom, +5 Sexy)

Too much! Brave was sent to the front line, but Martha was not anything be done?

*Right ah ... this is not a good ... (+5 Tough, +5 Fallen)
*How can you say such things! (+5 Wisdom)
*Yes Ni misunderstood Untranslatable... (+5 Sexy, +5 Fallen)

Do you have enough rest before playing the game, right?

*Of course! (+5 Lovely, +5 Sexy, + 5 Intimacy)
*Now you blame me for a rest break is significant? (+5 Lively, +5 Tough)
*Ni Ask them what? (+5 Fallen, Intimacy -10)

An alchemist that 8 + 5 = 1, but praised the courage that it alchemist on the ground in the end what is?

*Because that is also crazy brave. (+5 Tough, +5 Fallen)
*Clock (+5 Wisdom, +5 Lively)
*Number of items alchemist (+5 Lovely, +5 Sexy)

Why kill the monsters?

*Because it is a monster ah ... so ... (+5 Sexy, +5 Tough)
*In order to earn coins ! (+5 Lively)
*Roar ... why do I also did? (+5 Lovely, +5 Sexy)

In a big, wide white sheet of paper please write the name of the owner, you will be how to write it?

*Write down the horizontal (+5 Wisdom, +5 Tough)
*A vertical write it down (+5 Wisdom, +5 Tough)
*Write down the diagonal direction (+5 Sexy, + 5 Lively)

Brave men, and Fran how to maintain the status of the best?

*Than the hand, foot and even close brotherly relations (+5 Lovely, +10 Wisdom, +5 Intimacy)
*The relationship between the common hardships of his comrades (+5 Lively, +10 Tough, +5 Intimacy)
*Love is also much more apparent than in the love relationship between (+5 Lovely, +10 Sexy, +5 Intimacy)

Please lend me 5000 gold!

*No problem! (+5 Lovely, +3 Lively, +5 Intimacy)
*What nonsense to say ah! (+3 Wisdom, +5 Tough)
*I have no money ... (+3 Sexy, +5 Fallen)

Do they grow up?
Yes, pran is designed to grow at different levels
Fairy -> Adolescent -> Teenager -> Adult
Adult is currently not opened
and Evolve levels are : Lv5 and Lv20 currently

Are there other pran personality? I mean only cute?
There are six different types of prans, different types of pran can effect pran's buff/skill beneficial values.
These types are : Cute(default), Intelligent, Sexy, Hyper, Corrupt, and Valiant
Different personality also effect their character voice and actions.

How do we get the personality we want?
Well, this is what this thread is about. But you can only alter the personality during Adolescent stage.
Each personality has a value of 0 to 255, and cute starts at 100.
Prans only change personality type once they are evolved into Teenager
(if one of the personality reaches 255 first/the highest one counts)
pran evolves into teenager, only the main one will take effect
immediately, other personalities will have their values decreased by 30%

Is there anything about pran that we should know?
when a pran is still at Adolescent stage, you can feed her anything you
want. But once you feed her too nutritiously at Teenage stage...they
will fatten
you don't want a tiny meat ball running with you do you? Wink

What food is the best for pran?
Pumpking Pie! it gives 8% food and only cost 150+tax!

credits go to http://secretsociety.aimoo.com

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The Pran Guide
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