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 Mount Quest

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PostSubject: Mount Quest   Wed Aug 25, 2010 12:24 am

Hope this help-taken from NA Aika Forum

First talk to the Mount NPC in cirrugor as soon as you hit lvl 40. He will give you the option to buy the mount for 2 million or do a series of quests and get it for a discount. As soon as you choose the quest line you will not be able to buy it anymore and will have to do the quests.

First quest
Is to talk to the mount NPC.

Second quest:
Kill 30 sanja sparks in Tabazra dessert.

Third quest:
Find the holy water while fighting Capritons in Mt Hessian.

Fourth quest:
Kill both the end bosses in Marauder Hold and Cabin Elite dungeons. I recommend bringing in 2 healers. Gressil on Elite also tends to heal himself so bring some nasty DD with you. You will need their skulls.

Fifth quest:
Give the mount NPC 2 pure auralar and 5 rank D rubicine (these can be made at the anvil so you will not have to buy them or get them as a drop)

Sixth quest:
Kill Macanga in Lost mines Hard dungeon for his manes. This is the second boss you find when you go to the right in the first room you come in and go down the stairs. You also have to give the mount NPC a perfect jewel which can be bought for 315k-345k (depending on your nations tax (credit goes to blade for pointing that part out)) in cirrugor at the jeweler who sells the pran clothing.

Seventh quest:
Find 3 blue caelium ores in the void in Amarkand. Just lots of searching for them cause they are spread everywhere.

Eigth quest:
Spawn several animated mobs at the Totem of Test at Joshua Farm in Verband.

Nineth quest:
Kille 30 of each red lion member in Mt Hessian/Tabazra dessert. In total of 90 mobs to kill.

Tenth quest:
Give the mount NPC 150k to get your mount.

How to mount your mount:
You will have to first double click your mount found in your inventory to equip it. Then you can find the mount option under basic skills by pressing K. Apparantly there is also a standard command by using control + spacebar but this did not work for me.

The full chain of quests took us around 5 hours to do so but it is worth it

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PostSubject: Re: Mount Quest   Wed Aug 25, 2010 2:45 am

I believe you miss one that youll need to buy a gem from jeweller from cirrugor forgot the name of the jewel

total cost is like 500k coz that jewls cost like 320k

just trying to remmber what part is it.

but good guide thou you just missed one part.

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PostSubject: Re: Mount Quest   Wed Aug 25, 2010 4:07 am

The name of the gem is Skilled Gem you can buy it from Jeweler Sophia in the cirrugor(in NA Aika, dont know what will be the name of cirrugor in global Aika)
The gem worth 315,000 gold
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PostSubject: Re: Mount Quest   Wed Aug 25, 2010 4:36 am

Aye correct.... well this is a good summary so people don't derail while doing mount quest because at lvl40s...majority will have 20++ quest in their questbox
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PostSubject: Re: Mount Quest   Wed Aug 25, 2010 6:43 am

Awsome tutorial!
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PostSubject: Re: Mount Quest   

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Mount Quest
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